Saalem Church of Järvenpää

A Pentecostal Church in the Midst of the City

Because Everyone Needs love that does not Vanish

God alone is perfect love. Unfortunately, the human ability to love appears fragile. That is why every human being needs an example and to experience the greatest love in the world. Indeed, we believe it is pivotal to have a relationship with God within which to experience mercy that dwells from the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These lead to salvation which is the essential fruit of perfect love. (Joh. 3:16-17)

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Future Events

Tuesday 18.12.
10.00 Kohtaamishetki
11.00 Hartaushetki
11.30 Leivänjako

Thursday 20.12.
19.00 Prayer meeting

Sunday 23.12.
11.00 Sunday Worship

Tuesday 25.12.
10.00 Christmas Day Church
11.00 Warm meal


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Our Church, its Mission and Purpose

Saalem Church of Järvenpää is one of the oldest Finnish Pentecostal churches in Finland, over 80 years old. The history of our church carries both, phases of growing joy as well as that of pain. Today, however, we are a spiritual home for over 400 who belong to God’s family.

Everything that our church does has its anchor point in a Christian conviction. We have two pastors and numbers of volunteers who work for the advance of the Kingdom of God. Also, our Christian conviction and commitment are realised in an economy of the church which is largely dependant on offerings.

As a local church, we understand to play a significant role in spreading the Gospel around the city. Jesus commanded the Church to “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” (Mark 16:15-16) We believe that this commandment is binding and something that defines the purpose of our church.

Workers and the Church Leadership

Sabu Kiriyapillai


Sabu Kiriyapillai has been working for over 16 years as a pastor in our church. In addition, Sabu directs the international work.

  • +358 44 595 7560

Vellu Haarala

YOUTH pastor

Vellu Haarala started as our youth pastor in the summer of 2016. The focus of Vellu’s pastoral job is primarily on the children and youth ministries.

  • +358 44 976 6810

Mirjam Reis


Mirjam Reis does missionary work in New York with disadvantaged children. This mission is led by the Metro World Child organisation, with whom Mirjam has been working for several years now. At the heart of her mission is to encounter children who live in miserable conditions, bring them the Gospel and meet their other needs as well.

Elders Board

Asmo Korhonen
Erkki Laine
Esko Mielikäinen
Kristian Laine (varapj.)
Sabu Kiriyapillai
Saku Koponen
Vellu Haarala

Contact Us


Järvenpään Saalem, helluntaiseurakunta
Valtuustonkatu 5
04400 Järvenpää

Financial Management

Järvenpään Saalem Rukoushuoneyhdistys ry
Chairman: Asmo Korhonen (+358 44 551 5774) 
Vice Chairman: Vesa Saaristo
Secretary: Tiia Lehtonen

Other Contacts

Property Management: Ari Alanne (+358 400 435 041)
Kitchen and Cleaning: Tuula Siltavuo (+358 40 816 6549)
Books: Esko Mielikäinen (+358 50 548 9926)
Journal: Risto Lång (+358 40 356 5335)
Usher: Kristian Laine (+358 50 554 9600)
Beamer informations: Lasse Laine


Keski-Uudenmaan Osuuspankki 
FI30 5092 0910 0035 89

Please, use the following reference numbers!

Church Services  10003
Construction Funding  10029
Missionary Work  10016
Youth Ministry  10032
Royal Rangers  10045
Mirjam Reis  77004