Church Choir

Church choir performs Christian choir songs in 1 up to 4 tones. Repertoire consists also of newer songs, i.e. Pekka Simojoki production. Rehearsals are arranged once a week. The choir performs in church services/ gatherings and visits both in sheltered homes and hospitals. The choir is accompanied by Heli Ahvenainen-Saaristo and Aila Salomäki.

Contact: Tiina Sabu

Health-care center Singers

The singing group for hospitalized people visits in the ward of health-care center on every second week. Sometimes visits are targeted also to sheltered homes and elderly citizens’ homes.

Contact: Marjatta Ahvenainen, mob. 041 501 7036

Saalem House Choir

Saalem House Choir is an ensemble that plays Christian music in Järvenpää Pentecostal Church. SHC wants to bring their audience closer to the Heavenly Father and share about His love towards every human being. Repertoire consists of worship songs, songs composed and written by the band, new and elder Christian songs with versatile arrangements.

Contact: Suvi Paasonen 0443200579

Shalom Worshippers

Shalom worshippers has founded by Sabu Kiriyapillai and Tiina Sabu almost ten years ago. Then Hanna Mäkinen joined us playing the piano. Later Clement and many people joined the team. We are singing the Gospel music in English and Finnish.

Our team started from the humble beginning and throughout the power of Holy Spirit was lifted up. We are multi-cultural team and like a family with amazing talented singers and players. Our goal is to bring a message of faith, hope, love and joy to our church, communities and the world.

Contact: Sabu Kiriaypillai, mob. 044 595 7560

Mixing Team

Industrious mixing team consists of a handful of men who are interested in technics and sound reinforcement system. Mixing team is responsible for providing adequate technics available for each church gathering and for providing a suitable person to use the equipment. Mixing team strives to develop the audiovisual equipment of the church by making cost-effective purchases and upgrading the equipment in the mood of volunteering.

Contact: Eero Korhonen, mob. 040 512 2392

Jussi & Boys – Singing Group

Contact: Asmo Korhonen, mob. 044 551 5774