Missionary Work

Mission work contact: Mika Ahvenainen, tel. 040 537 3246

Middle East

Our church supports Tiina Hokkanen who works in a development co-operation mission in the Middle East.
Contact: Mika Ahvenainen, tel. 040 537 3246

New York

Mirjam Mielikäinen does children ministry through Metro World Child Organization in New York. This is how Mirjam describes her ministry:

My job description contains primarily arranging Sidewalk Sunday Schools that means going to the streets of New York with a yellow truck on four days a week. We arrange 2-4 Sunday schools during a day reaching out totally approximately 200-300 people, figure rises up to 22 000 people reached in a week. In addition to Street Sunday School, we do home visits once a week, aiming at to create relationships. We become like a part of a big family. We arrange also Sunday Schools indoors, which is one of the highlights of a week. In addition all of this ministry, we prepare sermons, props, games and train interns.

Fida International

Our church has co-operated for years with FIDA, The Missions and Development Co-operation Organization of Finnish Pentecostal Movement. There have been our church members participating in voluntary work at the Fida Missions Plaza of Järvenpää. One can support Fida’s ministry by making purchases at Missions Plaza or by donating to the plaza items remained in good shape. Missions Plaza is operating in downtown of Järvenpää in the address of Sibeliuksenkatu 12 (entrance from the side of Helsingintie).

Fida, tel. 09 289 790
Contact; Pirjo Åkesson, mob. 050 589 8320

Sister Church

Our sister church in Estonia is Lihula Pentecostal Church. There are about 1500 inhabitants in Lihula, and there are about 20 members belonging to the church. Our co-operation with Lihula church was launched in 1999. There were arranged many trips for voluntary work during the early years, and we assisted the people in Lihula to construct facilities for them. Currently, there is co-operation with Lihula 2-4 times a year. In addition, many church members visit in Lihula to meet church members, to whom they have acquainted with in the course of years. In addition to weekly gatherings, there is a strong ministry called Family Center in Lihula Church attracting about 25-30 pupils. The church has also Second-hand Market Lotus that funds church ministry.

Contact: Asmo Korhonen, tel. 044 5515774