Ministry for Intoxicant Addicts and Prisoners

There has been a ministry for intoxicant addicts and prisoners in our
church for decades. Ministry for intoxicant addicts in our church is
passive in nature meaning that we are available, if some one needs our
help. During the course of years, we have been privileged to direct
many needy neighbors to rehabilitation homes, been able to walk along
with them in church, and rejoice over the transformation in the lives
of many.

In 1987, a ministry for prisoners launch at Jokela Open Prison. After
this incident, doors have been opened to some stony prisons in
Southern Finland, and to some other open house prisons. Prison
ministry teams visit those locations to arrange evangelistic
outreaches. In addition, there are Bible studies arranged in those
locations. Most of the time runs to individual appointments with
prisoners and counseling with them.

Contact Väiski Ahola, mob. 0400 836613.