Small groups

Cell Group Ministry

Cell groups are small prayer groups organized by the church consisting
of four to ten persons. Some cell groups gather once a week and some
on every second week either in a private home of some cell group
member or in church facility. Cell group gatherings consist of
sharing, prayer, Bible reading and conversation as well as of
potential coffee service. The purpose of a cell group is to support a
believer in daily walk and to provide an opportunity of belonging in a
small group, where one can share personal issues and discuss about
Contact: Sabu Kiriyapillai, tel. 044 595 7560

Women Nights

Interdenominational women night assembles once a month. There are
discussions on daily issues besides a coffee service. Joys, sorrows
and prayer topics are shared together. Women nights are open for women
of all ages. You are welcome to experience refreshment and edification
together with Jesus!
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At the Saalem every second Wednesday of the month at 18:00
Contact: Sonja Lundberg, tel. 046 881 3509

Dude Circle

Dude circle is targeted to all men, including church members and other
men. The purpose of gatherings is edification and relaxation together
including the Word of God, interested testimonies, music and having a
sauna. Dude circle is arranged once a month in different locations.
Gatherings are announced on the Facebook pages of the Church and in
Viikkouutiset magazine. Come and be edified together with other dudes!

Contact: Asmo Korhonen, tel. 044 551 5774

Päiväpiiri / Retirees Circle

Retirees circle gathers at Saalem Church facility on Mondays at 1 p.m.
Retirees circle is a contact spot for pensioners. Retirees meet each
other and share ideas besides a coffee cup. There is a lot of singing,
Bible reading and discussions in retirees circle. A significant part
of gatherings relate to missions in various forms. There have been
missionaries visiting retirees circle to share about their ministry.
Our gatherings are always concluded with a prayer moment, where we are
praying for each other and for prayer topics. You are welcome to join

On Mondays at the Saalem 13:00
Contact: Eine Laaksonen, tel. 050 538 2746